Life in frame

logocorniceA frame on a stand is left in the streets, festivals, parades.
That’s Life in Frame, photographic project started in 2008 by Enrico Migotto.
I chose to capture particular moments in which people felt free to express their own imagination in front of the frame, just as it was a portrait of their own spirit.
The people interact with the frame as if it were a small stage avaible for a few minutes.
The frame shows the smontaneity and creativity of those who entered in contact with the frame itself.

There are no conventional or established rules saying how to act and behave behind the frame.
Usually, peaple tend to stand far from unknown things.
The participant is not only the subject of a picture but he is actively taking part into a creative process.
With his energy, he contributes to create a certain atmosphere and particular feeling with the frame and sometimes also with the photographer.
The project was carried over to Bologna in Ljubljana, Berlin, Ferrara, Venice, Turin, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Lisbon, Porto, London, Bruxelles, Krakow, Budapest.