Good night Vietnam

Good Night Vietnam is a project, which was created in 2011, between Hanoi and Saigon during a two-months’ trip.

The scenes captured in these shots, walking through the alleys at night, tell of intimacy and rest. They are moments of private life that, through the doors open because of the heat, are accessible to those curious to know and attracted by the surroundings.

Some of these places are houses, while others are small shops, which during the night are turned into bedrooms. All of them are example of simplicity and essentiality of life, that probably within a couple of years will be absorbed by the fast change of the whole South-East Asia.

Watching from the doorway it must be said, that there is no difference between in and out, to be more precise, public and private are no more disjoined, but they become integral part of an everyday life, which can be portrayed in all of its striking evidence.