Draw your future


Draw your future is a photographic project and a human journey that the author has developed over the past 6 years.
The project consists of a series of photographs which have as their subject the drawing by children between 6 and 9 years of age, representing the theme: “what will you do when you grow up: what is your dream?”.
The goal of the project is to investigate the relationship that links the aspirations of the younger generations with the “environment” in which they grow up.
The project develops in different places and involves children with different socio-cultural backgrounds.
The first work was made in the place where the author spent his childhood in the province of Venice; 15 children were involved.
Subsequently in 2015, as part of the international Land Art festival “Land shape in North Jutland”, for which he was selected, and interested 15 other Danish children.
Recently, the project was carried out with 29 children from an international school in Chiang Mai, within an artist’s residence in Northern Thailand. Participation saw children from China, Japan and Thailand.
In this project, each child becomes the protagonist of his work, from start to finish, giving life to gender stereotypes-free images.
The dream finds its representation in an open space, in contact with nature, where the child interprets his idea of the future.
The project actively involved families, schools and cultural associations.
Enrico Migotto